I thought perhaps I would give this cemetery a miss, as it was closed on Saturday and I had plans to go to Evora on Sunday. But I woke up not feeling well (perhaps the lingering effects of all the bug bites I had received a few days earlier) and the idea of travelling on the train didn’t sit well with me, so I thought I’d head over to Ajuda and see what it had to offer. The answer is, well, not much. This is definitely the little brother to Lisbon’s bigger cemeteries like Repouso and Lapa. It does have the same small family mausoleums present in the other cemeteries, but nothing on a grand scale, and very few statues to speak of. It’s very much a working cemetery, as I saw a number of people there to clean and visit graves.

Overall I’d say that this is definitely a cemetery you could give a miss, considering the more impactful ones Lisbon has to offer. However, if you are in the Belém area of town, have gone to the monastery and tower and had your pasteis de Belém, it’s worth popping your head in, as it’s near the Ajuda Palace and the botanic gardens.


Monuments: Standard above ground mausoleums, a few small statues, but nothing of sifnificance

Grounds: It’s fairly flat and easy to get around, but it is on a hill and there are some small inclines to deal with (same with getting to the cemetery, if you choose to walk instead of taking the bus)

Visitors: None, save mourners

Notes: Not really much to photograph here, although there are a few interesting reliefs here and there


Cemetery: Ajuda Cemetery

Established: 1766-1787

Location: In the Belém area. It’s up the hill from the monastery, past the botanical gardens.

Hours: I don’t recall, but likely similar to other Lisbon area cemeteries