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Cemetery 59: Salzburg’s St. Sebastian’s Cemetery

If skulls are your thing, then this is definitely the cemetery for you. St. Sebastian’s Cemetery is a small old cemetery located in the centre of Salzburg, just steps away from the well-worn tourist trail, hidden behind St. Sebastian’s Church and a high wall. That said, it was pretty easy Continue reading “Cemetery 59: Salzburg’s St. Sebastian’s Cemetery”

Cemetey 58: Munich’s Ostfriedhof

There was a light drizzle as I made my way to one of Munich’s largest cemetery, the Ostfriedhof. But it looked like the sky was clearing as I arrived, so I wasn’t too worried about it. There is a streetcar that will bring you right to the edge of the cemetery, but I took the metro so had to walk a little bit Continue reading “Cemetey 58: Munich’s Ostfriedhof”

Cemetery 57: Munich’s Alter Sudfriedhof

Spring showers bring, uh, March flowers? You bet. Nordfriedhof had quite a lot, but I was unprepared for the Alter Sudfriedhof (the old south cemetery). It was a field of crocuses everywhere you looked. Deep purple ones, yellow ones, and colours in between. Oh, and snow drops too. Continue reading “Cemetery 57: Munich’s Alter Sudfriedhof”

Cemetery 56: Munich’s Nordfriedhof

I woke up to a beautiful, bright sunny day and headed straight for Munich’s northern cemetery, the Nordfriedhof, as the first of three cemeteries I would visit this day (the other two being the Alter Sudfriedhof and the Ostfriedhof). I was excited as I got off the U-Bahn train at, not surprisingly, Continue reading “Cemetery 56: Munich’s Nordfriedhof”

Cemetery 55: Munich’s Bogenhausen

I’m in Munich for a conference at the university, and was unprepared for the almost two hour lunch break they had set aside for us. So I decided to see if there were any cemeteries nearby, and I found one just in the other side of the Englischer Garten. After a quick lunch in the Continue reading “Cemetery 55: Munich’s Bogenhausen”

Cemetery 54: Kyoto’s Jizoyama Cemetery

Not far from the mound of ears is a large temple complex that most tourists to the city give a miss. Chishaku-in is a Buddhist temple that features some nice small gardens, but I have yet to find a single reference to the large cemetery that lies at the very back of the complex. Of course, Continue reading “Cemetery 54: Kyoto’s Jizoyama Cemetery”

Cemetery 53: Kyoto’s Mimizuka

When most people think of Kyoto, they probably imagine old temples and shrines, maiko and geiko walking in the streets of Gion, the soft rustle of bamboo…and…a mound full of severed noses? Welcome to Kyoto folks! You’ve just discovered Kyoto’s Mimizuka, also known as the ear mound. Continue reading “Cemetery 53: Kyoto’s Mimizuka”

Cemetery 52: Fort Rosecrans Cemetery

I only had a few days in San Diego, but I knew I wanted to visit the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery when I was there. I don’t get many opportunities to visit military cemeteries, but I always appreciate the opportunity to do so. Not only are the cemeteries very moving, Continue reading “Cemetery 52: Fort Rosecrans Cemetery”

Cemetery 51: Hollywood Forever Cemetery

I suppose if you are the type of person that likes to visit the graves of famous people, then this is the cemetery for you. I’m not that type of person. As I’ve mentioned before, I often find the graves of the non-famous to be more interesting than those who are more well-known. Continue reading “Cemetery 51: Hollywood Forever Cemetery”

Cemetery 50: Santa Monica’s Woodlawn Cemetery

I only 3 days in L.A., and every single one was cold and gloomy and rainy. Which, in some cases, can be excellent conditions for visiting a cemetery, so that’s what I did. Santa Monica is famous for its beaches and shopping, but Woodlawn Cemetery didn’t seem that far away, so umbrella in hand, Continue reading “Cemetery 50: Santa Monica’s Woodlawn Cemetery”

Cemetery 49: Crosses in the Sand

Back when I was studying for my first Master’s degree in History, I took a course on public memory, that is, how regular people choose to remember, commemorate, or celebrate history. This can range from roadside memorials to plaques on historic buildings to Continue reading “Cemetery 49: Crosses in the Sand”

Death and Spinsterhood: It’s personal

I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with cemeteries my entire life. I remember as a child being fascinated by the old stone slab gravestones with skulls and crossbones on them, and was always hoping to come across some whenever I happened across a cemetery. However, in Continue reading “Death and Spinsterhood: It’s personal”

Cemetery 48: Helsinki’s Hietaniemi Cemetery

Since I often travel alone I usually don’t worry too much about what I see and when. This sometimes backfires, but usually it works well, allowing me to stay in places that catch my interest and forgoing those that don’t. Unfortunately, when I was in St. Petersburg I got really sick Continue reading “Cemetery 48: Helsinki’s Hietaniemi Cemetery”

Cemetery 47: Stockholm’s Galärvarvskyrkogården

Some of Stockholm’s most well-known sites are located on the island of Djurgården: especially museums: the Vasa Museum, the Nordic Museum, the Spirit Museum, the ABBA Museum, and Skansen, the world’s first living history museum. But unbeknownst to me (and probably most Continue reading “Cemetery 47: Stockholm’s Galärvarvskyrkogården”

Cemetery 46: Stockholm’s Skogskyrkogården

For all you taphophiles out there, how many cemeteries do think are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Well, I’ll give you a hint: Skogskyrkogården is one of them*. It was inscribed on the list in 1994, yet, I have to admit that I had never heard of it until I started doing my research for Continue reading “Cemetery 46: Stockholm’s Skogskyrkogården”

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