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Site 92: Bruges’ Central Cemetery

So originally I had planned two days for Bruges, being such an iconic place. But in the end I decided to spend one day here, and had planned it around the weather, as I knew there was going to be a snow and a rain day day while I was here. But the forecast kept changing, and due to a scheduled tour to Ypres/Ieper on Continue reading “Site 92: Bruges’ Central Cemetery”

Site 91: Brussels Cemetery

Brussels gets a bad rap as a tourist destination, but I have to say I really enjoyed the city and wished I had spent more time there. One reason being is that there are a lot of interesting cemeteries here, and I didn’t have enough time to see them all, as they are quite spread out throughout the city. Brussels cemetery is a huge cemetery and I was pleasantly surprised Continue reading “Site 91: Brussels Cemetery”

Site 90: Brussels’ Laeken Cemetery

Wow, is this a beautiful cemetery. This is the one that was on my list from the very beginning, I’ve been wanting to come to Belgium to photograph this cemetery for sometime. I knew I was off to a good start when, the moment I entered, I Continue reading “Site 90: Brussels’ Laeken Cemetery”

Site 89: Ghent’s Western Cemetery

This cemetery was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t even on my initial list of cemeteries to visit in Belgium, but it turned out to be one of the best (so far). If Ghent has a Pere Lachaise-like Cemetery, this is it. It’s a fairly large cemetery, but it’s easy to get around and explore. It was established as a landscape garden cemetery, so it is a really nice place to wander and walk around. Continue reading “Site 89: Ghent’s Western Cemetery”

Site 88: Ghent’s Campo Santo

You know you’ve hit it big time when people start referring to you as the base standard, such as a place being the ‘mecca’ of ______, or then the more specific, the (specific person, place, or thing) of (the specialty). When it comes to cemeteries, the most famous (to the lay person) would probably be Pere Lachaise in Paris, Continue reading “Site 88: Ghent’s Campo Santo”

Site 87: Random burial places, Kyoto

I was on my way to work when I decided to do a little detour to visit a couple of sites in the local area that I always meant to visit, but never did. Even though it’s been quite a cold winter here in Kyoto (in fact, the morning started with a blanket of snow, but was gone by the time I Continue reading “Site 87: Random burial places, Kyoto”

Site 86: Kyoto’s Nison-in Temple Cemetery

The Arashiyama district in Kyoto is one of the most popular, and therefore crowded, areas of the city. During the fall foliage season, the number of visitors to this area seem to increase tenfold, making it a crush of humanity no matter where you go. As such, this is usually a place I avoid. Continue reading “Site 86: Kyoto’s Nison-in Temple Cemetery”

Site 85: Kyoto’s Takenaka Inari Shrine

Generally speaking, most cemeteries in Japan are attached to Buddhist temples, as most people have a Buddhist funeral after they die. I never really think of shrines, which usually deal with “new” things (birth, marriage, new year, etc) as places where one might find a cemetery, but I Continue reading “Site 85: Kyoto’s Takenaka Inari Shrine”

Site 84: Kyoto’s Shinnyo-do Temple Cemetery

Just north of Kurodani lies another temple famous for it’s autumn leaves: Shinnyo-do Temple. This is another temple that most tourists seem to miss, which is a shame, since the grounds are beautiful, especially in mid- to late-November when the leaves are at their peak. In fact, this Continue reading “Site 84: Kyoto’s Shinnyo-do Temple Cemetery”

Site 83: Kyoto’s Kurodani Temple Cemetery

I like going for walks and exploring different neighbourhoods, but I often return to the same places time and again. Which often leads me to explore lesser known areas, which is how I stumbled across Kurodani Temple, just north of Heian Shrine and a bit west Continue reading “Site 83: Kyoto’s Kurodani Temple Cemetery”

Site 82: Seoul’s Seonjeongneung

In the heart of the Gangnam district of Seoul lies a World Heritage Site, Seonjeongneung. It’s the burial place of two kings and one queen. The oldest tomb belongs to King Seongjong (d. 1494). His queen (and second wife) Jeonghyeon (d. 1530) outlived him by many decades, but Continue reading “Site 82: Seoul’s Seonjeongneung”

Site 81: Seoul’s Jeoldu-san Martyr’s Shrine

As you leave the Foreign Missionary Cemetery and walk south, you soon come across a visually arresting set of stairs. At least, they were to me. It may have been the slight drizzle, or the way the light played across the stairs, and for all their practical use (stairs and ramps), I thought they were Continue reading “Site 81: Seoul’s Jeoldu-san Martyr’s Shrine”

Site 80: Seoul’s Foreign Missionary Cemetery

On my first full day in Seoul I was intending to go on a tour to the DMZ, a place that had always been on my bucket list. Unfortunately I forgot my passport back at the hotel, and no passport meant no tour, which was disappointing. So I decided not to let the fine day go to waste, Continue reading “Site 80: Seoul’s Foreign Missionary Cemetery”

Site 79: Kyoto’s Tenji Mausoleum

I like going for walks, especially at night when it’s quite and there are fewer people about. I’ve been slowly exploring the outer reaches of my neighbourhood/district, and as such, have come to realise that I have easy access to the Biwa Canal route. This is a canal that for years brought water (and Continue reading “Site 79: Kyoto’s Tenji Mausoleum”

Site 78: St.Boniface Cathedral Cemetery

This is probably one of the first cemeteries I ever visited, having done so on a school trip in junior high school back in the late 1980s. I have photos in one of my old photo albums of my friends and I posing in front of some of the monuments, although it seems strange to me now to have Continue reading “Site 78: St.Boniface Cathedral Cemetery”

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