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the Netherlands

Site 98: The Hague’s St. Petrus Banden Cemetery

As readers of this blog will probably realize, I prefer going to older cemeteries, not only for the older monuments and atmosphere, but also because it means I won’t interfere with any modern-day mourners who are there to grieve for their loved ones. Continue reading “Site 98: The Hague’s St. Petrus Banden Cemetery”

Site 97: Delft’s Ould & Nieuw Kerks

The one thing about old European churches is that they were once the burial places of the rich and famous. And still today, in the case of royalty. Delft is a beautiful old city that is also bright and lively and modern at the same time. And its centre is dominated by two very old churches, the Ould Kerk and the Nieuwe Kerk. Continue reading “Site 97: Delft’s Ould & Nieuw Kerks”

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