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St. Petersburg

Site 44: Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress is of course one of the main tourist sites of St. Petersburg. It was established by Peter the Great in 1703 on a small island in the Neva River, and over the years it had many roles from military base to political prison. Some of the famous people who were imprisoned Continue reading “Site 44: Peter and Paul Fortress”

Site 43: St. Petersburg’s Cossack Cemetery

This cemetery is the newest of the four at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg, Russia. The first burials here were in 1917, and included those who participated in Bolshevik demonstrations, the Civil War, and, as so named, for Cossacks. Eventually it got renamed Continue reading “Site 43: St. Petersburg’s Cossack Cemetery”

Site 42: St. Petersburg’s Nikolskoe Cemetery

As I’ve mentioned previously, there are four cemeteries at Alexander Nevsky Monastery. The Tikhvin and Lazarus Cemeteries are located outside the official gates, but the other two are located inside the monastery grounds. Even though Nikolskoe is clearly the largest of the four, I only found it Continue reading “Site 42: St. Petersburg’s Nikolskoe Cemetery”

Site 41: St. Petersburg’s Tikhvin Cemetery

The twin to Alexander Nevsky’s Lazarus Cemetery is the Tikhvin Cemetery, which is literally right next door. However, I’ll call it a fraternal twin as the two cemeteries are actually quite different. As Lazarus Cemetery became more and more crowded, the need for another Continue reading “Site 41: St. Petersburg’s Tikhvin Cemetery”

Site 40: St. Petersburg’s Lazarus Cemetery

Twelve years after the founding of St. Petersburg, in 1710, Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra monastery was founded by Peter the Great. It was built in the spot that was thought to be the place where Alexander Nevsky (13 May 1221 – 14 November 1263), grandson of Vsevolod Continue reading “Site 40: St. Petersburg’s Lazarus Cemetery”

Site 39: St. Petersburg’s Eternal Flame

In St. Petersburg, just north of the iconic Church of the Spilled Blood, is a large park known as the Field of Mars. This park has been used  in St. Petersburg for centuries, for everything from military parades and troop inspections to parades and just regular Continue reading “Site 39: St. Petersburg’s Eternal Flame”

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