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May 2019

Site 193: Copenhagen’s Assistens Cemetery

One thing that’s true of the grand cemeteries of Europe is that they often contain the graves of famous artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, politicians, and more. Assistens Cemetery is no different. Although this cemetery first started as a burial Continue reading “Site 193: Copenhagen’s Assistens Cemetery”

Site 192: London’s West Norwood Cemetery

The last time I was in London I only managed to visit 4 of the Magnificent 7 cemeteries –  Abney Park, Brompton, Kensal Green, and Highgate West and East– and vowed that I would visit the other three the next time I was there. However, as I was in the UK Continue reading “Site 192: London’s West Norwood Cemetery”

Site 191: Luss Parish Churchyard

As you drive north from Glasgow into the highlands of Scotland, you might pass what is one of Scotland’s most picturesque village, Luss. The village is located on Loch Lomond and is very popular with tourists. In the middle of town lies the church, surrounded Continue reading “Site 191: Luss Parish Churchyard”

Site 189: Glasgow’s Ramshorn Graveyard

In the centre of Glasgow, surrounded by new and renovated buildings all around, lies one of the city’s oldest graveyards. Originally established in 1719, the cemetery was active for nearly 200 years, finally closing in 1915. For a time it was the place to be Continue reading “Site 189: Glasgow’s Ramshorn Graveyard”

Site 189: Glasgow’s Necropolis

After some lovely weather in Edinburgh, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the grey clouds and drizzle that greeted me on my first day in Glasgow. Luckily it wasn’t windy or raining that hard, which meant a nice easy day of exploring Glasgow’s Continue reading “Site 189: Glasgow’s Necropolis”

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